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Iím a novelist, short story writer and poet. I also write primary literacy books.

The Clock-Mender, my most recent novel, was published by Endeavour Press in May 2015. It is a tale of love, crime and bloodshed in a small rural community in Sweden between the 30s and 50s. A clock-menderís partner has a light-hearted affair with his best friend. But terrible consequences ensue.

Daughter of the Sea, my second novel, a story of adventure, love and family, was published by Endeavour Press in March 2015. My starting point in writing it was discovering that Francis Drake, when sailing up the west coast of America, took on board the Golden Hind a beautiful slave girl, whom months later he set ashore, heavily pregnant, on a desert island on the far side of the Pacific, with two men to care for her. The novel imagines how the child grew up in the Spice Islands and Melaka before setting out to England in search of her father.

My first novel, Cymberie is likely to be out of print very soon. It was published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in October 2012. Set in a semi-fictional Essex in the 1580s, it tells how a young widow is forced by her poverty to nurse the man who condemned her husband to death. She learns to read - and then Sir Richardís handsome sailor son comes home.

 The Littoral Press published my first collection of poetry in August 2014 - the editorís and my favourites from those Iíve written in the last few years. Click on Singing for Mr Bear and youíll find some poems. 

Iíve written primary literacy non-fiction for Collins Educational and Oxford University Press. In March 2015 I wrote four little Reading Stars, including two storybooks, for Ransom Publishing. It was really good to write for children again after quite a break.

Iíve also had poems and short stories published in magazines.