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Iím a novelist, short story writer and poet. I also write primary literacy books.

My three historical novels are currently out of print. Iím delighted that they will be republished later this year by the exciting young publishers Sapere Books, in Kindle format, with print copies also available. I donít know yet if they will have new titlesóyou can see their old covers on the right.

Iím also really pleased that my short story The Mulberry Tree will be published in the next edition of Stand, which is vol 16(2).

Otherwise things go on as usual. Iím still writing poems, and have joined a new poetry group which I find helpful and fun. Iím working on a new historical novel set mainly in the eleventh centuryóIím hoping to finish at least the first draft by the beginning of the summer holidays.

So I shall abandon this for the time being, and get on with writing...

 The Littoral Press published my first collection of poetry in August 2014 - the editorís and my favourites from those Iíve written in the last few years. Click on Singing for Mr Bear and youíll find some poems. 

Iíve written primary literacy non-fiction for Collins Educational and Oxford University Press. In March 2015 I wrote four little Reading Stars, including two storybooks, for Ransom Publishing. It was really good to write for children again after quite a break.

Iíve also had poems and short stories published in magazines, including Stand and Acumen.